Singapore Adventurers' Club

Our history

The Toddling Years – 1960s

In 1962, four enterprising young people with a common interest in outdoor activities decided to form a club for young adults with a quest for adventure. The four were Messrs, Peter Teo, William Chin, Paul Fong and Eddy Toh. Together they formed the Young Adventurers’ Club.

It was later decided that the Club should be renamed, The Singapore Adventurers’ Club. And on 17 August 1963, it became the first all-volunteer adventure club in Singapore. With the change in name and growth in popularity, membership saw an increase in number.

In the 60s, activities such as hiking through Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, picnicking at Tanjong Tajan (Pulau Ubin) and barbecues at Mata Ikan were organised. Venues for real adventure in Singapore were limited. Therefore, the Club had to venture out and in August 1963, the first mountain climbing expedition was organised to Mount Ophir in West Malaysia. This marked the inauguration of many more climbs of Malaysian mountains.

Adolescent Years – 1970s

The 70s saw the growth and expansion of the Club’s activities and membership. The most significant achievement in the 70s was the first successful climb of Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in South East Asia. At that time, it was considered a major feat for adventurers. Following the successful climb, the Club organised another expedition to West Malaysia’s highest peak, Gunung Tahan.

Besides the rough and tough outings, soft option tours and social events were organised in line with SAC’s objective to increase its scope of activities.

Coming of Age – 1980s

The 80s saw the Club venturing into new territories after having conquered the Malaysian mountains many times. With the coming of age, the Club chalked up another first with the successful attempts on Mount Sinabung in Sumatra Indonesia and Mount Apo in the Philippines. Several groups of members also set the pace by trekking in the Himalayas, climbing the Jade Mountain in Taiwan, snow trekking in Nepal and hiking through India and Pakistan. A few members even tried river rafting in Taiwan and New Zealand to the amusement of the locals there.

The 80s also saw the shift of Club activities from the land to the sea. More sea sports encompassing scuba-diving, fishing, canoeing and island trips were organised.

In looking back, the Club has come a long way. From a relatively unknown club, it is now a Club with an impressive history and a long list of outstanding achievements.

SAC Milestones

1963 1st expedition to Mt. Ophir
1963 1st Patron - Sherpa Tenzing Norgay (co-conquerer of Mt. Everest)
1966 Expedition to find the source of Kota Tinggi Waterfall
1970 1st expedition to Mt. Kinabalu
1972 1st expedition to Gunung Tahan
1975 "Adventure by Night" hike
1978 Mt. Kinabalu - 1st expedition with female members
1978 Mt. Ophir - 1st expedition with female members
1979 1st all-female team Gunung Tahan expedition
1980 1st expedition to Mt. Sinabung
1983 1st expedition to Mt. Apo
1984 1st expedition to Jade Mountain
1985 The Himalayan Trek (Nepal)
1986 Kulu Valley Trek (India)
1987 Round-Island Canoeing Expedition
1987 1st expedition to Kokoda Trail (Papau New Guinea)
1988 SAC 25th Anniversary Round-the-Island Relay
1988 "Pitch-A-Tent" Competition to promote adventure to the students
1989 1st expedition to The Silk Road (China)
1990 "To the Limit", a series of 3 nation-wide events - Tug-of-War Competion, Vertical Marathon, Round-Island Relay.
1990 1st "Martell Challenger" - a mass-participation multi-event competition
1991 1st expedition to Mera Peak (Nepal)
1991 Pengerang-to-Desaru Relay Run
1992 Round-Island Relay for the disabled
1993 26-hours Bukit Timah to Mt. Ophir Relay Run
1995 1st expedition to Paldor (Nepal)
1996 1st expedition to Mt. Elbrus (Russia)
1997 1st National Rope Skipping Competition
1997 1st expedition to Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya (Africa)
1998 The Concordia Trek (Pakistan)
1998 1st expedition to Parcharmo & The Rowaling Trek (Nepal)
2001 1st expedition to Naya Kanga (Nepal)
2003 36-hours Island-wide "Amazing Singapore Race"

Club President Of The Past Years

32nd 2015 - 2017 Ms Audrey Fong
31st 2013 - 2014 Mr Wee Kok Poh, Patrick
30th 2011 - 2012 Ms Kwok Mei Foong
29th 2010 Mr Tan Yee Lee
28th 2002 - 2009 Mr Ho Ee Kid
27th 2001 Mr Tan How Chin
26th 1999 - 2000 Mr Lim Wee Yin
25th 1997 - 1998 Mr Tan Hang Meng
24th 1995 - 1996 Mr Wong Choong Hoong, Anthony
23rd 1992 - 1994 Mr Lee Lep Sang
22nd 1990 - 1991 Mr Wee Chye Hin, Christopher
21st 1989 Mr Koh Thong Kiat, Andrew
20th 1987 - 1988 Mr Wong Hin Mun
19th 1986 Mr Chng Seng Chye, Michael
18th 1985 Mr Lee Tzu Hong
17th 1984 Mr Ang Swee Nam, Alec
16th 1983 Mr Yip Seck Hong
15th 1982 Mr Spencer Chew
14th 1981 Mr Tan Thiam Hock, Allan
13th 1980 Mr Ronald Quek
12th 1978 - 1979 Mr Yip Kum Thong, Anthony
11th 1977 Mr Chang Szee Tiak, Andrew
10th 1976 Mr Toh Kong Lok, Eddy
9th 1975 Mr Ng Kim Cheok, Peter
8th 1974 Mr Toh Kong Lok, Eddy
7th 1973 Mr Danny Toh
6th 1972 Mr Ang Swee Nam, Alec
5th 1971 Mr Toh Kong Lok, Eddy
4th 1967 - 1970 Mr Cheng Yew Seow, Andrew
3rd 1965 - 1966 Mr Chin Wee Thiam, William
2nd 1964 Mr H. Murray
1st 1963 Mr Fong Yeng Pew, Paul